Cheboksarsky liftostroitelny zavod «ELBrus» produces elevators with a maximum load of 1250 kg. It should be noted that all the products are being produced under our own brand name.

«ELBrus» is notable for its tendency of product quality improvement. To achieve that machinery is replaced regularly. Moreover, we constantly introduce new technologies. In the production of elevator equipment we use only modern high-strength materials. Experienced specialists work in our department responsible for the development of new engineering solutions aimed at higher safety of elevating constructions.

Moreover, plant administration pays much attention to the process of information delivery to customers, installation companies and partners. The plant constantly works on the evaluation of incoming data, comments and suggestions which help to improve elevator constructions and mechanisms.

High-tech elevators at a reasonable price

The product line of Cheboksarsky liftostroitelny zavod «ELBrus» includes passenger elevators which perfectly suit any type of building. Our customers can buy items with a maximum load from 400 kg to 1275 kg. Quite often we receive orders for elevators of a unique design with the specific drawings and associated documentation attached. Thus, if you need challenging solutions, our specialists are at your service. The plant also specializes in the elevator assembly using spare parts both of domestic and foreign production.

«ELBrus» company offers

We know how to make your building a safer place, attractive and easy-to-use. Our elevators are simple and easy to install, set up and use. We suggest you to save your time and money.

«ELBrus» is your reliable partner in matters of development, production and maintenance of elevators at a reasonable price.