Our company provides services of elevator dispatching. The systems we install comply with the state standards and specifications. Moreover we update our systems regularly. They are notable for their durability, energy-efficiency and functionality. Our development team analyzes customers’ suggestions and demands, makes researches in order to detect weak points in elevator dispatching systems. It helps us to produce better equipment resistible to both mechanical and environmental negative impacts.

By ordering a dispatching system you get:

  • Monitoring.
  • Timely maintenance.
  • Loudspeaker communication.
  • Saving communication record to the hard drive.
  • Restriction of unauthorized access to the equipment rooms.

It should be noted that all the communications are recorded and saved to the database. One can study them if required in order to analyze whether elevating mechanisms operate in a proper way. Taking results into consideration dispatching department makes maintenance schedule.

Elevator control system includes the following devices:

  • devices which secure elevator equipment in case of connection or electric grid problems;
  • devices which prevent overheat of the elevator engine;
  • automatic devices which control elevator car speed;
  • safety devices;
  • automatic self-diagnosis devices;
  • digital communication devices.

Elevator car control station has several outputs used to monitor the condition of elevator equipment and units, and also required for dispatching. Those outputs are checkpoints with communication lines and a panel. The latter is placed in the dispatching office providing a maintenance worker with the information about equipment operation in the form of signals. The benefits of dispatching are obvious since it significantly reduces costs for elevator maintenance.

Dispatching helps:

  • To reduce the staff of maintenance technicians.
  • To vacate the premises due to the staff reduction.
  • To avoid the need to conclude contracts with the third-party specialists (electricians, etc.).

"ELBrus" is your reliable partner and assistant. Call us and send us your questions. Our specialists have a huge experience in the field of dispatching equipment maintenance and installation.

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