Passenger elevator ЛП-0411КМ

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Bearing capacity, kg:



With a machine room, without a machine room

Moving speed of the car m/sec:

Up to 2.0

Interior dimensions of the car, mm:

1000х1100х2000 (width x depth x height)

Doorway, mm:

600…800/ х 2000

Fire resistance of the shaft doors:


Transportation of fire brigades:


Control system:



Powder coating with stainless inserts, gluing with anti-vandal membrane in wood/stone/carbon colour tones, stainless steel.


The PVC paving tile in wood/stone colour tones, linoleum, stainless steel.

Passenger elevator with bearing capacity of 400 kg is considered the most in-demand variety. This model is produced in various types of the car finishing.

In modern city life it’s essential to have passenger elevators reliable, comfortable and safe. Production of series ЛП-0411КМ for residential and administrative buildings complies with all listed requirements. The interior decoration of the items has been developed by professional designers.

At present, the plant ELBrus provides mass production of elevators with bearing capacity of 400 kg and moving speed up to 2 m/sec, and elevator control system on any base that can be chosen in accordance with the type of building for which an elevator is intended. The cost of elevator of such configuration is quite reasonable.

The elevator can have a machine room or be without it. The floor can be finished with one of 3 materials at choice. The elevator car is comfortable, has smoothness of movement and modern design. The safety of this series elevator is also very high. Taking into account the elevator size, such product is a perfect choice for apartment buildings, office premises, hotel complexes and state institutions. It is intended for transportation of people with hand luggage.

Whatever elevator you need, our experts will choose the best option for You within a short period. We will take care of all questions related to the variety of elevator and its technical parameters, we will also discuss important production details with you. Production of this model range has a reasonable price and is manufactured from high quality materials.

Our elevators are set to enhanced accuracy of stopping. The passengers who are afraid to travel in elevators will appreciate the car comfort and its silent movement without vibration. Length of service and quality of accessory components of our products complies with the most rigorous requirements. The equipment meets all the established regulations and it has passed verifications in the appropriate supervisory services. 

You can also choose an elevator with more bearing capacity - a passenger elevator with capacity up to 630 kg.

To purchase an elevator from ELBrus means to guarantee safety of movement for many years.

The cost of equipment is individually calculated in accordance with the characteristics of every building. Contact our Sales Department by free telephone 8-800-250-28-21 for more details about the elevator cost.