Passenger elevator ЛП-1011КМ

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Bearing capacity, kg:

до 1275


With a machine room, without a machine room

Moving speed of the car m/sec:

Up to 2.0

Interior dimensions of the car, mm:

2100х1100х2000 (width x depth x height)

Doorway, mm:

700…1250/ х 2000

Fire resistance of the shaft doors:


Transportation of fire brigades:


Control system:



Powder coating with stainless inserts, gluing with anti-vandal membrane in wood/stone/carbon colour tones, stainless steel.


The PVC paving tile in wood/stone colour tones, linoleum, stainless steel.


Elevator with bearing capacity up to 1,275 kg is intended for carrying passengers in the buildings of different type and number of stories. It can suit both high rise residential buildings of economy class and contemporary constructions of business class.

An elevator in a residential building shall have optimal vibroacoustic parameters of the car to make passengers feel comfortable during the movement. Comfortable transportation depends much on the quality of the hoist, the drive and the control system. The plant “ELBrus” offers products of high bearing capacity and high level of comfort with perfect “price-quality” ratio.

Interior design

The passenger elevator produced by our plant can have not only a standard design, but also an exclusive design created by the experts in accordance with the client desire.

The car door is made of steel assembly units covered with powdery enamels. Also other decorative coating can be used. The floor can be covered with linoleum or paving tiles imitating natural materials.


Throughout the world, installation of the elevators without a machine room is one of most in-demand directions. Today, elevators without a machine room become popular in our country, too. They often installed in the buildings under construction, mainly for architectural purposes. But demand for such models is also high in new construction areas.

Technical features

The scheme of the elevator without a machine room is developed in accordance with the requirements to the construction architecture. If you choose an elevator of this type, the floor on the top of the building shall be at least 3.6 m high, meanwhile safety requirements ПБ-10-558-03 shall be observed. Like other elevator manufacturers, the plant “ELBrus” devotes a lot of time and effort to the comfort of maintenance of the hoist and control panel.

The elevator design of this type is characterized by diversity: suspension type of the car, as the hoist location, can vary under the client’s demands. But otherwise, the characteristics of the models with a machine room will be similar.

Having a professional staff of specialists, the company “ELBrus” provides services on installation, commissioning and further technical and maintenance service.

 he cost of equipment is individually calculated in accordance with the characteristics of every building. Contact our Sales Department by free telephone 8-800-250-28-21 for more details about the elevator cost.