Modernisation and replacement

Generally the necessity of elevator replacement arises when a mechanism starts to degrade. Other causes include obsolescence of an elevator car model and its parts, necessity of extremely expensive repair, impossibility of repair or modernization. Our company provides services of elevator modernization and replacement carried out by experienced and skilled specialists aware of process peculiarities.

Elevator replacement

It should be noted that the work execution speed depends on:

  1. Condition of the elevator shaft. If it’s damaged, there’s no possibility to replace an elevator car. In this case we advise you to perform repair works. By your request we can change shaft size, broaden or narrow equipment room.
  2. Building architecture. It’s easy to replace an elevator in a multistory building because of its standard planning. But not all the apartment buildings share the same principle. Therefore elevator replacement procedures in a building with an architecture of rare occurrence surpasses in difficulty installation of a new elevating mechanism and consequently requires development of a special project and approval of proper documentation. These peculiarities of structure and parts development increase work period and price for the replacement of the elevator system.

Elevator modernization

Elevator modernization is performed when a customer requests partial equipment replacement. Modernization has many advantages including:

  • short period of execution time;
  • low cost;
  • refreshment of elevator appearance;
  • reduction of energy consumption;
  • comfortable use;
  • onger service life.

Our company constructs, installs and maintains elevators. We have all the required equipment and tools to replace and modernize an elevator in a proper way. We also carry out technical examinations of the elevating mechanisms. We offer a wide choice of spare parts and necessary units for many elevator models. We construct elevators with a maximum load of 1000 kg. Our specialists can accurately determine whether it’s more rational to replace an elevator or modernize it. We have extremely suitable prices for all the services and equipment.

For more information concerning the prices for elevator modernization or replacement, please call us 8-800-250-28-21.