Elevator equipment installation

Elevator equipment installation is one of our business dimensions. Our company has a huge experience of elevator mechanisms installation. It allows us to provide quality services and carry out works within a short period of time. Our team is not afraid of projects of extreme difficulty.

We use only modern custom machinery and tools. Our staff consists of experienced specialists which regularly attend advanced training courses. Many of them get extra training required to master a related profession.

Benefits of cooperation

It should be noted that «ELBrus» offers its customers elevator mechanisms produced with the help of innovative technologies and solutions. We also provide a full spectrum of services on installation, maintenance and modernization. Our reasonable prices make us leaders among other companies. Our professionals are ready to take any job associated with the elevator installation.

We offer:

  • Project analysis and correction.
  • Assistance to design organisations.
  • Consultation on the reasonability of equipment installation.
  • Recommendations on elevator installation according to the building peculiarities.

Our production meets the requirements of fire safety and building specifications. In case of nonconformance during the process of installation we can make alterations in the approved project with the help of the design organisation.

Professional development, production and elevator installation

«ELBrus» is not a company official, we develop, produce and assemble elevators ourselves. Our consultants don’t offer you a specific model but give you a number of options. Then they help you to choose the suitable one, install the equipment qualitatively and put it into operation.

Our specialists start to carry out works only after the evaluation of elevator shaft condition. Inside the shaft we take measurements of shaft verticality. It allows us to install an elevator in accordance with the reliability and safety requirements within a short period. It also helps to save customer’s money eliminating mistakes and inaccuracies which can affect elevator operation.

For more information concerning elevator installation, starting-up and adjustment please call us (toll free) 8-800-250-28-21.