Maintenance service

Safety and flawless elevator operationdepends on the proper installation and timely maintenance service. It should be noted that according to the fixed regulations only specialists are allowed tocarry out works. This is the only way to guarantee the flawless operation of allthe elevator components. Our plantprovides services of elevating mechanisms maintenance. We pay much attention to this subject so it helps to decrease the number of elevator breakdowns and malfunctions.

The purpose of elevator maintenance

Maintenance of elevating mechanisms is awork package which allows to maintain their good condition. Many companies offer their maintenance services but «ELBrus» is one of the few which offersa full range of services including elevator modernization. Our team consists of highlyskilled specialists who carry out maintenance works.

We carry out the following works:

  • regular mechanism check;
  • equipment lubrication, cleaning and adjustment;
  • replacement of worn out units;
  • fast problem solving and elevator car launching;
  • immediate evacuation of passengers stuck in the elevator car, and etc.

When you come to us we send our specialist to your object where hecarefully examines elevator equipment.Then we negotiate with the customer. Afterwards a customer is free to choosedesired positions in the list of services andsend this document to us. If a customer isinterested in elevator modernization weconsult him, get his approval and startour works. The frequency of elevatormaintenance depends on its condition, production date and manufacturer’s recommendations. That’s why electricianshave different working conditions. It depends both on the customer’s needsand the conditions of elevating mechanisms.

Our prices for elevator maintenance aremoderate since we not only provide suchservices but also construct elevators as wellas elevator spare parts, mechanisms andequipment. In order to make a contract with us you just need to contact our manager and consult him. Remember,modern maintenance enhances elevatorservice life and eliminates cases of seriousand costly breakdowns.

For more information concerning after-sales and warranty services of elevators, please call us (toll free)  8-800-250-28-21.